Queer Movie Night – ART200 Retrospective @Pride Park

July 7, 2022 @ 9:30 pm
Parcul Izvor

Art200 is the international queer film festival in Bucharest, which is in its third edition this year. The festival aims to encourage local queer artistic creation and LGBTQ + representation through art. In 2022, Art200 will take place at Cinemateca Eforie, from September 19 to 25, and will include film screenings, film and literature workshops, a “”””Queer the Pitch”””” project competition and prose and poetry readings.

This year, within Pride Park, Art200 offers you a selection of films from the second edition of the festival, from the five sections of projected short films: Margins and Peripheries, Migrantx Queer, Rainbow Families, Queer Vegan, Romanian queer short films.

Hello Sir, Jet Moon, UK, 2021, 7 minutes.

In the last 10 years of working online as Dominatrix, I have made over 130 porn videos. Most of them are talking to me about “homo conversion” fetishes: that is, forcing my clients to be gay or “whispering,” forcing transvestites. The irony is that I am a genderqueer lesbian who is often seen as straight in everyday life.

Dildo Riot, Maria Katsikadakou, Nikos Chantzis, Greece, 2021, 9 minutes.

A Marky Ramone concert, a murder, a riot and a big vibrator.

We fly, we crawl, we swim, Aron Nor, Romania, 2021, 23 minutes.

Seeking justice is not an individual matter, but involves making other worlds possible together. Haunted by past extinctions, a man begins to wonder what climate justice would look like, what it might look like, when other living beings would participate in these searches. A cat and many other non-human animals become part of the process, sharing their experiences and moving together towards inter-species justice.

Is Your Teen A Homosexual ?, Tamara Scherbak, Canada, 2018, 6 minutes.

A short allegorical comedy that satirizes Trump’s America using the “”””teen hygiene”””” style of 1950’s educational films. Johnny comes out in front of his family, who is helped by an off-screen narrator, but stereotypes and prejudices prove to be stronger than family ties.

The blue dress, Viktor Russel, Sweden, 2021, 12 minutes.

Two children secretly play at the wedding during a family dinner, but their game becomes serious when faced with parental prejudice.

Freedom, Savino Carbone, Italy, 2019, 30 minutes.

Bari, 2019. What does it mean to be free? Two gay immigrants talk about their status as asylum seekers. Meanwhile, the effects of the new government’s migration policies are getting tougher.

Haiku from a Dead Poet, Akira Kamiki, Brazil, 2020, 5 minutes.

João, it’s been so long since I took these mediocre photos, and all of a sudden I remembered that I forgot to mention that I love you before I left the country. A video poem made entirely with a mobile phone exploring the regret and longing of a Brazilian immigrant in London.

I was sleepwalking when I saw all those colors, Bogdan Balla, Romania, 2020, 10 minutes.

I was sleepy when I saw all those colors leave Derek Jarman’s Section 28 installation and compare stories from a recent history of the community with personal experiences of the present, linking them to lyrical remarks about a still hidden present, a distillation of distance between the silent realities of queer love and the hysteria of its public representation.

Hello ?, Ștefi Mihăilescu, Romania, 2021, 7 minutes.

After not being in contact for months, one friend contacts the other and the two have to deal with how they left things, as memories unfold.