Bucharest Pride has been a peaceful event for more than 10 years, but please be alert for your safety and the safety of others. If there is a violent incident near you, please remove yourself from the area, make a circle around the incident, chant “FĂRĂ VIOLENȚĂ!” (NO VIOLENCE). Keep your calm, do not run away and notify the authorities immediately.

         AT THE STARTING POINT | 17:30 | Piața Victoriei

Participants are expected at 5:30 pm on Calea Victoriei, on the road, on the segment between Piața Victoriei – Calea Victoriei intersection and Sevastopol Street – Calea Victoriei intersection. Punctuality is important because the march starts at 18:00. The Bucharest Pride 2018 volunteer team will be on-site for guiding.

        ON ROUTE | orele 18:00 – 19:30 | Piața Victoriei – Piața Universității (via Calea Victoriei)

The participants will march on the 2.3 km route on the road, respecting all march participants and the directions of law enforcement officers.

  • We are celebrating diversity together. The march brings together a diverse community, and a significant number of supporters of the LGBTQI + community. At Pride we respect the freedom of expression and the opinions of all participants, and we encourage the messages displayed to respect all the identities of those present, including the intersectionality of these identities, and all the minorities that join us.
  • If you are traveling by public transport (RATB, Metrorex), do not wear visible signs to the LGBTQI community (rainbow flags, shirts, bracelets, etc.) on your way to the starting point of the march, or when leaving the end point.
  • Keep a safe distance from the music platforms. You must be at least 3 m away from any moving platform, both on the sides and front or back. The platforms will be surrounded by volunteers who will signal the distance to be kept. Please follow their instructions.
  • Be prepared for the day of the march, in case of heavy rain or strong sunshine. We advise you to have an umbrella or raincoat, cap or hat, sunscreen, a bottle of water.
  • If you come with children, make sure you can protect them from the sun or rain, that you have water and food at your place. If you position yourself near music platforms, make sure that you have plugs for children’s ears, to protect their hearing.
  • We love nature and we want to protect it. Please do not throw bottles of empty water, promotional materials or papers on the ground.
  • Report to 112, and then to the organizers, any violent incident observed and indicate to law enforcement officers on the march route where the incident occurred, who are the persons in need of protection and help, who are the ones who caused the conflict .
  • Report to 112 and to the organizer any situation where a person is injured or is harmed because of the crowding or the heat. Behind the Pride March column is an ambulance ready to provide first aid. A first aid point is located in Piața Universității, at the end of the route.

         AT THE FINISH POINT | 19:30 to 20:30 | Piața Universității – statue area

  • At the end of the march, participants can only stay in the statue area. Traffic will be resumed as soon as the march participants free the road.
  • In the area with ​​statues at Universitate there will be a first aid tent, four ecological toilets, trash bins.