Drag District

July 2, 2022 @ 10:00 pm
35 RON

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the most authentic and non-apologetic version of yourself for one night? Drag District invites you to unleash your creativity and share with the world a part of you that has never been seen before!

On Saturday, July 2, you have the chance to shine at an unforgettable party at Apollo 111, organized for the first time by well-known local Drag Queens, both for the passionate and the curious to experience for the first time the magic of Drag.

Step beyond the silver curtain and discover an extravagant realm, where anyone is welcome to explore their inner star in a welcoming, safe and inclusive space.
At 22:00, DJ Princess Octavia and YCS will start the party with carefully curated music so that you can live your fantasy to the fullest, after which, at 23:00, in the theater, Ramya invites you to watch five performances by our Queens, who will take you through a multitude of styles, meant to excite and inspire you. Turning off the theater’s spotlight doesn’t mean the end, it’s just the beginning of a memorable night, full of dancing and enthusiasm under the club’s multicolored disco ball.

Drag District encourages the dress code “Put your Drag self together!” *, a phrase that also represents the mantra of the party.

* heels, tights, hip pads, corset, breastplate, wig – wear them all, just two or three or none! The important thing is to feel comfortable and have fun!

The entrance ticket is 35 RON and can only be purchased from Apollo111, on the day of the event.

Performances by:

Vergine Santa Frida & Billie Rose
Aphrodite Heaven
Rayne O’Plasty
Tony Maraj
DJs: Ycs & Princess Octavia
MC: Ramya