Bucharest PRIDE 2022

Alok Vaid-Menon @ Bucharest Pride 2022 @ Teatrul de Vară - Herăstrău
Jul 1 @ 7:00 pm
Alok Vaid-Menon @ Bucharest Pride 2022 @ Teatrul de Vară - Herăstrău

We open the series of events dedicated to the LGBTQIA + community within Bucharest Pride 2022 with a performance by the international queer artist, Alok Vaid-Menon (they / them). Alok comes for the first time in Romania, on Friday, July 1, starting at 19:00, at the Summer Theater (Herăstrău Park).

The performance will combine stand-up comedy with a poetry recital based on their life experiences. Friday’s show will take us through topics such as the experiences of queer people and the feeling of unity and belonging to the LGBTQIA + community – the “”togethenessr”” we are talking about and which we will explore throughout the entire edition of Bucharest Pride 2022.

Alok is an internationally acclaimed writer, comedian, performer, fashion icon, activist and public speaker. They have performed at more than 600 venues in more than 40 countries. ALOK was one of the headliners for a sold out show at the New York Comedy Festival in 2021 and will perform at the Soho Theater in London later this year. They are also opening for Jonathan Van Ness on tour in the Spring.

On screen, they can currently be seen on the Netflix docu-series GETTING CURIOUS WITH JONATHAN VAN NESS. They have appeared in HBO’s late-night sketch series Random Acts of Flyness and the 2016 documentary The Trans List. ALOK is also the creator of the #DeGenderFashion movement, which they brought into the spotlight at the Business of Fashion Voices Conference in 2019.

ALOK also wrote Beyond the Gender Binary, which has been described as “a clarion call for a new approach to gender in the 21st century.” The book, based on their own experiences as a gender non-conforming artist, was published by Penguin Random House in June 2020.

They have been recognized on NBC’s Pride 50 list of influential change makers in the LGBTQ community, HuffPo’s Culture Shifters and Business Insider’s Doers, among many other accolades.
The event will be exclusively in English.

Queer Night @ Platforma Wolff
Jul 1 @ 10:00 pm

Bucharest itinerant party series for the Q community & friends, concocted in 2010.

More details to be announced.

Drag District @ Apollo111
Jul 2 @ 10:00 pm
Drag District @ Apollo111

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the most authentic and non-apologetic version of yourself for one night? Drag District invites you to unleash your creativity and share with the world a part of you that has never been seen before!

On Saturday, July 2, you have the chance to shine at an unforgettable party at Apollo 111, organized for the first time by well-known local Drag Queens, both for the passionate and the curious to experience for the first time the magic of Drag.

Step beyond the silver curtain and discover an extravagant realm, where anyone is welcome to explore their inner star in a welcoming, safe and inclusive space.
At 22:00, DJ Princess Octavia and YCS will start the party with carefully curated music so that you can live your fantasy to the fullest, after which, at 23:00, in the theater, Ramya invites you to watch five performances by our Queens, who will take you through a multitude of styles, meant to excite and inspire you. Turning off the theater’s spotlight doesn’t mean the end, it’s just the beginning of a memorable night, full of dancing and enthusiasm under the club’s multicolored disco ball.

Drag District encourages the dress code “Put your Drag self together!” *, a phrase that also represents the mantra of the party.

* heels, tights, hip pads, corset, breastplate, wig – wear them all, just two or three or none! The important thing is to feel comfortable and have fun!

The entrance ticket is 35 RON and can only be purchased from Apollo111, on the day of the event.

Performances by:

Vergine Santa Frida & Billie Rose
Aphrodite Heaven
Rayne O’Plasty
Tony Maraj
DJs: Ycs & Princess Octavia
MC: Ramya

Opening: Três Tigres Tristes @ Cinemateca Eforie
Jul 3 @ 6:00 pm
Opening: Três Tigres Tristes  @ Cinemateca Eforie

Bucharest Pride 2022 brings along the Romanian premiere of Três Tigres Tristes, winner of the Teddy award for best queer feature film at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival.

São Paulo, in a dystopian future not so very far from the present. A virus is circulating, one that mainly attacks the brain and the ability to remember. A state that has forgotten a past marked by colonialism and dictatorship desperately awaits some indeterminate “Golden Phase.”

Three young queer people drift through a city bled dry by the pandemic and rampant capitalism, remembering each another’s late lovers, sharing their experiences with HIV, getting makeup tips for masked faces and ultimately coming together with others forgotten by society for an antique revue in the salon of a singer named Mirta.

In Gustavo Vinagre’s affable, surrealist survey of a politically imposed amnesia, a queer era has dawned in which memories can only survive because they are shared collectively and passed on through affective relationships. Those who spread out in all directions do not collide. And those entirely unconcerned with dying rich and privileged are experiencing the Golden Phase right now. In TRÊS TIGRES TRISTES, the margins of society glitter, forgotten by the pandemic.
The movie is screened in Brazilian Portuguese with Romanian subtitles.”

FLUID Concert @ Expirat
Jul 3 @ 10:00 pm
FLUID Concert @ Expirat

We close the first weekend of Bucharest Pride with a #FLUID concert – a queer act from Bucharest that fights against civic neutrality using sound, music and microphones.

Let’s talk about queer mental health! @ Accept
Jul 5 @ 3:00 pm
Let's talk about queer mental health! @ Accept

✍Please make sure to register, there’s a limited number of seats available – https://cutt.ly/UKCbRPo.

HangOUT: Queer Game Night @ Verv Kitchen
Jul 5 @ 5:00 pm

Queer teenagers need more safe spaces, spaces in which they can spend time with other members of their community, and spaces where they can have fun without facing discrimination. Girl Up Romania invites you to participate in the event: “HangOUT: Queer Game Night”, held during Bucharest Pride Week 2022. Come get to know us and spend time together laughing, sharing your thoughts, and creating new memories. We will have games such as Activity, Dixit, Cluedo, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, and others available for you to play – the only thing you have to do is show up and have fun! Would you like to bring your queer friends along? Do you have other games that you’d like to bring to the event? We’re excited to have you over!

The event will take place on the 5th of July, at 5PM, at Verv Kitchen (Strada Italiană nr. 26).

A Bucharest Pride 2022 event, organized by Girl Up România.

We celebrate the love and power of the LGBTQIA + community in Romania with a marathon of events.

Miraj. Un spațiu posibil. @ Replika
Jul 5 @ 7:00 pm
Miraj. Un spațiu posibil. @ Replika

Rădăcini adânci, tulpini înalte!
Prinde-te de ce te hrănește.
Dă-ți timp.
Stai în soare.
Prinde-te de ce te hrănește.
Dezvață. Iubește.
Prinde-te de ce te hrănește.
Pentru fiecare e altceva.
Începutul a fost o oprire. O pauză. Un stop. Un timp fără de timp.

Cinci facilitatoare reimaginează originea lumii și ficțiunile vizionare ale unui nou început. Un început ca o practică nesfârșită a grijii alinătoare. Un început ca o revărsare a încrederii transformatoare. Un început ca o contopire a corpurilor hibride care învață plăcerea de la plante și exersează infinitele lor posibilități. Un început ca un doliu colectiv care eliberează dureri ascunse. Un început ca o ruină prin ale cărei crăpături pulsează tandrețea. Un început ca o devenire continuă.

Echipa performance-ului: Paula Dunker, Adrian Ganea, Iris Horomnea, Maria Martelli, Mihaela Michailov, Katia Pascariu, Teodora Retegan, Maria Sgârcitu.

Intrare gratuită în limita locurilor disponibile. Vă rugăm să vă înscrieți prin intermediul următorului formular: https://cutt.ly/lKSdA0M.

O producție ADO, în parteneriat cu Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika.”

What is Porn? Proiecție de filme porno queer & afterparty cu Patrick Brăila @ Expirat
Jul 5 @ 9:00 pm
What is Porn? Proiecție de filme porno queer & afterparty cu Patrick Brăila @ Expirat

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

FluidBody Workshops @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 6 @ 10:00 am
FluidBody Workshops @ Parcul Izvor

The workshops about the body, facilitated by Alina Medoia and Raj Alexandru Udrea, artistically explore the themes approached in the performance: inner body exploration exercises, perception of one’s own image, but also movement, free dance and play. No exercise is mandatory, so we want to create together a space that is as safe as possible for everyone.

All bodies are welcome.

The workshops will take place on Wednesday and Friday (July 6 and 8) from 10:00 to 12:30 at Pride Park.

The duration of a workshop is 2 hours 30 minutes, with a break of 15 minutes.

Free admission. Registration forms: https://cutt.ly/UKlWKf5.

Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 6 @ 4:00 pm – Jul 9 @ 10:00 pm
Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor

🌳 For 4 days (6th-9th of July) we celebrate the queer community and queer culture outdoors, at Izvor Park. We have prepared a series of performances, concerts and screenings of short films, together with activists and members of the LGBTQIA + community in Romania through which we celebrate our identities and queer love. Several Romanian publishing houses known for the queer books and materials they have, as well as representatives of LGBTQIA + NGOs from other major cities in Romania will also be present at Pride Park.

🏳️‍⚧️ Among the highlights and premieres of the second edition of Pride Park is the “”Trans Island”” – a place dedicated to the trans community in Romania, which will host the exhibition “”inVISIBLE””, the continuation of the photo project launched with the occasion of Bucharest Pride 2021, which presented the different facets of life as a trans and / or non-binary person in Romania.

🔹 Free entry throughout the event. We will soon announce the full program for the Pride Park.

Basic Life Support – Curs de prim ajutor @Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 6 @ 4:30 pm
Basic Life Support - Curs de prim ajutor @Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor

”What would you do if you walked down the street and saw an unconscious victim? Do you know what the steps are for an effective heart massage? What do you do when a loved one is unable to breathe due to an airway obstruction? We have the answer!

We invite you to participate in our BASIC VITAL SUPPORT course, a complex workshop that aims to teach you easily and quickly the necessary first aid techniques. The course is adapted according to the European Resuscitation Guide.

With us you will learn:
🚑 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
🚑 The External Automatic Defibrillator (DEA)
🚑 Unobstructed airway (Heimlich)

The course will take place on July 06, 2022, at 16:30 and will take place within Pride Park in Izvor Park.

Let’s get to know the instructors:

👨‍⚕️ Gabriel Alexandru Streinu is a third-year student at the Faculty of Medicine UTM, the General Nursing Studies Program. Alexandru is, General Assistant to the President of FASMR, President of AUMAM Association, former First Aid instructor in civil aviation and ANC authorized trainer. Alexandru is certified in BLS provider by the European Council for Resuscitation (ERC).

👨‍⚕️ Dr. Dumitru Pamfiloiu is a resident physician in Emergency Medicine. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Sibiu, and has extensive experience in the Mobile Unit of Resume and intensive Care (SMURD). It specializes in advanced vital support and is certified in BLS provider by ERC.

⚠️ Participation form:

Cenacle X – Queer book reading – Speaking of Utopia @ Fliaret 16
Jul 6 @ 7:00 pm
Cenacle X - Queer book reading - Speaking of Utopia @ Fliaret 16

Cenacle X returns on Wednesday, July 6, at 19:00 with a series of strong, gentle and inclusive readings in the heart of the Filaret 16 space (Filaret Street 16, Bucharest).
The evening of recital queer is part of the series of events related to Bucharest Pride 2022.

They will recite physically and digitally: Alina Elena Flutăr, Ceza Bularca, Corina, Flavexine (Flavius Sindie), Ileana Negrea, Ioana Bălănescu, Jolene, Mara Cioroianu, Maria Martelli, Mihai Ştirbu, Mădălina Oprea, Nóra Ugron, Oana Ciobanu, Oana Ungureanu & Victor Horațiu Troșan.

Meditation & Yoga Session @Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 6 @ 7:00 pm
Meditation & Yoga Session @Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor

We invite you on Wednesday, from 7 PM, to a yoga and meditation session in which we will learn how to listen to your body and to observe the mind, with understanding and gentleness.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of their training. Just bring a mattress / isoprene / blanket and good vibes.

With Every Touch We Will Be Reborn
Jul 6 @ 9:00 pm
With Every Touch We Will Be Reborn

With Every Touch We Will Be Reborn // July 6 // 9 pm // Pride Park

by: Mihaela Michailov, Bogdan Balla & Paula Dunker along with Arhanghella, Iris Horomnea, Ioana Chițu & István Téglás;

After an idea by: Alex Zorilă, Luca Istodor, Diana Dragomir;

Produced by: Accept Association;

Thanks: Florin Buhuceanu, to the people who trusted us by confessing their experiences with us on which the text was based;

Graphics: Anna Grozavu.

‘With Every Touch We Will Be Reborn’ presents archival materials and subjective narratives that focus on representative moments in local queer history.

‘With Every Touch We Will Be Reborn’ performatively explores stories that are taking place chronologically – from the 70’s to the future – since important stages in this history passed in silence. A history that claims the right to be represented in different ways. A story that becomes liberating when it is told. A history that recovers and imagines a fluid common future. Because the healing touch will be owned by creativity.

During the performance, the films which will be screened are: ‘Sașa şi Petre’, by Luca Istodor, ‘Temnițe şi altre ascunzișuri’, by Bogdan Balla, and ‘Abrogarea Art. 200 on TV in the years 2000 and 2001’, by Ana Ciutu.

The entrance is free.

Negotiating gender/transgender identity @ Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 7 @ 6:00 pm
Negotiating gender/transgender identity @ Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor

”We invite you on July 8 at 18:00 in pride Park 2022, Izvor on Trans Island to visit the exhibition “Negotiating gender/transgender identity”.

This exhibition shows a journey into the world of gender/transgender identity in the post-communist period.

The exhibition of works expresses in an artistic manner the transition of the author, Antonella Lerca Duda. Roma woman, transgender, intersectional activist and one of the important voices of the trans Community in Romania.

From the author: “The exhibition is about how during the personal transition I have attached myself to things, experienced emotions, and various moments that expose the fragility of Trans women in general.

The paintings can be interpreted intersectionally and talk about negotiating identity in a patriarchal and deeply misogynistic society.”

Queer Literature Day @ Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 7 @ 6:00 pm
Queer Literature Day @ Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor

”We invite you on Thursday, July 7, starting at 18:00, to Queer Literature Day at pride Park. During the event we will have two releases of queer poetry books and a reading from the novel “Dezrădăcinare”, written by Sasha Zare, and published this year at Fractalia Publishing House.

18:00 – reading “Dezrădăcinare”
Sasha Zare is an alter ego writer. He loves to stay close to flowing waters, books, friendx, forests, his diary and cats. In his literary project he explores, among other things, everything that is indecent/sentimental/shameful/hybrid/hidden/strange (queer), from affection to language. They write how they learned that they do not occupy a place or is not allowed in Romanian literature. Uprooting is their first novel, published in March 2022 at Fractalia Publishing House.
Beyond the author’s talent as a perfect storyteller and hypnotizing narrative, this book is among the few in us who manage to articulate an intensely lived frontier existence at all levels. From the experience of life between two worlds (Rep. Moldova and Romania), to that of sexuality and border reason, the character of Sasha Zare opens before our eyes a history of the other told by them themselves, a history that we have both tried to control and represent in and through our normative literatures. The alienation to which they were subjected, the non-normative, is here called simple, uprooting. But we feel that there is more to it: An irrecoverable loss and suffering still present there, in the body of witness. Which remains.- Julia Militaru
Reading by Carolina Vozian.

18:30 – Release of poetry volume “Orlando Postuman” – Nora Ugron

On Friday, July 8, during the “Queer Literature day at Pride Park”, together with Maria Martelli, Iulia Militaru and Carolina Vozian, we will release the debut volume in poetry, Orlando Postuman, of Nora Ugron. The book is an ode written under the “burning desire” to connect with other beings, human and non-human, in a transforming, ever-moving world. Communion with the other forms of existence, which the author tries to reveal to the readers, becomes the leitmotif of this poetic work, determining a special technique for the construction of the text and producing another way of looking at the world – the queerized gaze. Let us read, debate, and tell together about this book, how we can overcome heteropatriarchy, and how we can reimagine the world, building gentler, unoppressive futures.

Guests: Maria Martelli, Nora Ugron, Carolina Vozian
Moderator: Iulia Militaru

19:30 – release of poetry volume “supine dream” – Emilian Lungu

On Thursday, July 7, at 19:30, at Pride Park, the release of Emilian Lungu’s debut volume, supine dream (OMG publishing, 2022) takes place. Along with reading the volume, Sofia Zadar and Alex Ciorogar will speak.

On the one hand, the trashy-chic naivety, the esthetic tumblr poetry, on the other, the theoretical inserts, clinical analysis of daily micro-events. Emilian performs these two voices simultaneously, not being artificial, but always to face his own struggle for intimacy, bodily dysmoria, childhood flashes that he can now contextualize. Supine dream is political just so much to be personal. A Z-like volume that can only seem like a cool project, when in fact it’s very intense.”””” – Mircea Florea

In the body, outside the body. Bright memories in dialogue with fragmented reality. For the body, against the body. The anxiety of contact with the outside world, but also the euphoria in the playground of identity explorations. A book-walk through sharp but revealing rays.”””” – Teona Galgotiu

“Emilian Cătălin Lungu’s volume is anything, but, despite the title, not apathetic. Rather vibrant, timbered, harmonious in its searches. It is about the search. About questioning the male-female binary, about the disavouement of hypermasculinity, about the queer and queerized body, about its agentability. The space is personal and liminal, as the author himself confesses. A space of collective dream, of individual awakening.”””” – Ileana Negrea

(Română) Spectacol CorpFluid @ Replika
Jul 7 @ 8:00 pm
 @ Replika

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

Queer Movie Night – ART200 Retrospective @Pride Park @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 7 @ 9:30 pm

Art200 is the international queer film festival in Bucharest, which is in its third edition this year. The festival aims to encourage local queer artistic creation and LGBTQ + representation through art. In 2022, Art200 will take place at Cinemateca Eforie, from September 19 to 25, and will include film screenings, film and literature workshops, a “”””Queer the Pitch”””” project competition and prose and poetry readings.

This year, within Pride Park, Art200 offers you a selection of films from the second edition of the festival, from the five sections of projected short films: Margins and Peripheries, Migrantx Queer, Rainbow Families, Queer Vegan, Romanian queer short films.

Hello Sir, Jet Moon, UK, 2021, 7 minutes.

In the last 10 years of working online as Dominatrix, I have made over 130 porn videos. Most of them are talking to me about “homo conversion” fetishes: that is, forcing my clients to be gay or “whispering,” forcing transvestites. The irony is that I am a genderqueer lesbian who is often seen as straight in everyday life.

Dildo Riot, Maria Katsikadakou, Nikos Chantzis, Greece, 2021, 9 minutes.

A Marky Ramone concert, a murder, a riot and a big vibrator.

We fly, we crawl, we swim, Aron Nor, Romania, 2021, 23 minutes.

Seeking justice is not an individual matter, but involves making other worlds possible together. Haunted by past extinctions, a man begins to wonder what climate justice would look like, what it might look like, when other living beings would participate in these searches. A cat and many other non-human animals become part of the process, sharing their experiences and moving together towards inter-species justice.

Is Your Teen A Homosexual ?, Tamara Scherbak, Canada, 2018, 6 minutes.

A short allegorical comedy that satirizes Trump’s America using the “”””teen hygiene”””” style of 1950’s educational films. Johnny comes out in front of his family, who is helped by an off-screen narrator, but stereotypes and prejudices prove to be stronger than family ties.

The blue dress, Viktor Russel, Sweden, 2021, 12 minutes.

Two children secretly play at the wedding during a family dinner, but their game becomes serious when faced with parental prejudice.

Freedom, Savino Carbone, Italy, 2019, 30 minutes.

Bari, 2019. What does it mean to be free? Two gay immigrants talk about their status as asylum seekers. Meanwhile, the effects of the new government’s migration policies are getting tougher.

Haiku from a Dead Poet, Akira Kamiki, Brazil, 2020, 5 minutes.

João, it’s been so long since I took these mediocre photos, and all of a sudden I remembered that I forgot to mention that I love you before I left the country. A video poem made entirely with a mobile phone exploring the regret and longing of a Brazilian immigrant in London.

I was sleepwalking when I saw all those colors, Bogdan Balla, Romania, 2020, 10 minutes.

I was sleepy when I saw all those colors leave Derek Jarman’s Section 28 installation and compare stories from a recent history of the community with personal experiences of the present, linking them to lyrical remarks about a still hidden present, a distillation of distance between the silent realities of queer love and the hysteria of its public representation.

Hello ?, Ștefi Mihăilescu, Romania, 2021, 7 minutes.

After not being in contact for months, one friend contacts the other and the two have to deal with how they left things, as memories unfold.

”Queer & vegan: discuție despre relațiile noastre cu animalele „de companie” “ @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 8 @ 5:00 pm

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

”Lectură publică: Grigore Șoitu – “O lungă scrisoare pentru un coming-out” “ @ Parcul Izvor
Jul 8 @ 6:00 pm

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

Lil’ Paris is Burning – POSE Ball [S.3, ep.2] @ Apollo111
Jul 8 @ 10:00 pm

”Balls flourished in the 1980s, as an underground movement of the LGBTQ + community in the United States. Drastically affected by poverty, marginalization and the AIDS epidemic, for which there is no treatment yet, Hispanic and black trans and queer people have built a space certainly from where they could manifest freely.From here, these events became a form of radical resistance against homophobia, transphobia and racism.

We celebrate ballroom culture with the second episode of season 3 “”Lil ‘Paris is Burning”” during PRIDE week.

🎶djs & mcs: Raj / Ramya + Paula Dunker + YCS🎶

♥ hostess / sister / mother / daughter: Alina Dumitriu ♥

Participantix competes for trophies and glory.

This edition is the first with a dress code: LOVE.

Jul 9 @ 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm

🏳️🌈The rainbow is an emblem of hope and diversity, present on all Greenpeace ships, after all, we are all 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐰 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐫𝐬. As the Bucharest Pride 202 March approaches, we celebrate diversity and inclusion by supporting the LGBTQAI + community around the world.

Intersectionality is a key element in the fight against climate change and oppression.

Climate change will affect us all, but differently, according to the IPCC group of climate experts. The LGBTQIA + community, because of its social vulnerability, is a hidden victim of climate change. LGBTQIA + people are particularly vulnerable to exclusion, violence and exploitation due to social stigma, discrimination and hatred.

Pride is a protest for justice, and Greenpeace supports all human rights and climate activists. Therefore, we are waiting for you on 09.07.2022, at the Greenpeace headquarters in Bucharest, on Louis Blanc no. 16, at 12:00, in a DYI (do it yourself) banner workshop with many rainbows, unicorns, love and peace.

Bucharest Pride March 2022
Jul 9 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Bucharest Pride March 2022

🏳️‍🌈 At the Bucharest Pride 2022 March we celebrate the power of the LGBTQIA + community in Romania. On Saturday, 9th of July, we will paint Calea Victoriei in the colors of love.

📌 March Program:
17:00 – 18:00 – Meeting of the participants on Calea Victoriei between Sevastopol Street and General Gheorghe Manu Street.
18:00 – 19:00 – The Bucharest Pride March takes place on Calea Victoriei to Izvor Park. Route: Calea Victoriei – Bd. Regina Elisabeta – Bd. Schitu Măgureanu – Pod Izvor (Izvor Bridge) – Izvor Park.
19:00 – 22:00 – End of the Bucharest Pride march in Izvor Park.

Bucharest Pride Official Party: Out, Loud & Proud @ Control Club
Jul 9 @ 10:00 pm

We close Bucharest Pride 2022 on the dance floor in Control Club, with Josh Caffe, Borusiade, Dar Adal, Riri Respiri & DJ Octavia. Hostess: Paula Dunker w. Irina Laciu & Wanna Negru.